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Yes, in 1994 Dick Cheney stated that invading Iraq would create a Quagmire.  I guess he was right.


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It is wonderful to hear wisdom where you don’t expect it. One example is the Broadway musical Avenue Q. For those who have not seen the show, Avenue Q uses actors with puppets to tell the story of a group of people living in a, well let’s just say, inexpensive part of New York.

The show deals with regular life subjects such as homelessness, despare, heartbreak, desire, and disappointment. If you don’t want me to spoil the end, stop reading now.

But, at the end of this wonderful production is a number simply named “For Now”. For now is a very simple song about how everything changes, and however you feel, or whatever situation you are in good or bad is temporary, so there is no reason to hold on to it to tightly.

It occurred to me recently that a lot of the fighting in the world could be attached to a resistance to change. People worried about the ‘evil’ people taking resources away from ‘us’. Maybe if we can spread the ‘for now’ wisdom, there would be less pain and suffering in the world.

“For Now” with a cartoon video

Before you think from my description the show is a downer. Here is a wonderful performance at the Tony Awards of “It sucks to be me”.


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Originally inspired by Peace Pilgrim, a woman who walked for peace for 28 years, director Tara Golden concieved of the idea of a film that would combine a narrative story line and a documentary journey. The idea was to mix the powerful story of a man who does a peace walk with the real life adventure of walking every step of way through Scotland and England. The plan was to meet interesting local charactors along the 1100 mile hike and to integrate them into the story, and it worked up until a point.

The hike started well in John O’Groats on June 5th but along the way we faced conflict, creative differences and a car accident. Two crew members decided not to go on further than Glasgow. With only two of us left we found that we were not able to make the film as planned and restructured the film as a documentary.

Additional clips from the film can be found on our channel and each adds to our story.. They are presented to you here in a collage form but will be interwined in the final film.

Note from Tara: You can see an improved version of this edit on my channel. You can get the book on peacepilrgim for free from peacepilgrim.org

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Who in their right mind thinks this way?  Since I am a compasionate person, let’s get this guy some help.

George Bush: “Let’s put it this way. Money trumps peace sometimes.”

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