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I uploaded the following video.  If anyone lives in the NYC area and needs help recording a response.  Let me know.  I’ll record it and upload it for you.


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SiCKO Trailer

The United States is the only industrialized country in the world without a public health care system.  This to me makes the United States a third world country.

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Michael Moore says that the New York Post reports that the Bush administration is investigating 9-11 rescue workers that went to Cuba with Moore to get health care they could not get in this country.

Michael Moore talking about 9-11 rescue workers said,

“Go after me.  Go after the film.  But, you should leave these people alone.”

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Taking care of others is a good way to help spread peace. Michael Moore is starting a video group to show our government what a sad state our health care in. If you suffer needlessly because of a lack of health care. Share it with congress.

I will be recording one. I am hoping to have enough money to pay for eye surgery before I go completely blind. I had insurance, but they would not pay for it. Insurance does not ensure health care in America. Now, I am saving up the money I would pay for insurance so I can see.

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