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Listening to one of my faves (Leonard Cohen) on my laptop I am continuously drawn into the screen by the ever changing, morphing beauty of the ‘visualiser’ patterns. Just as my visual field has shrunk to the size of the screen, or the screen has ‘expanded’ to fill my visual field, my audio field has also shrunk to be filled by the low amped sound from the ‘top, the sound and vision from the little unit filling most of my consciousness. Briefly my thoughts go back to the Rose Garden where I did T’ai Chi this morning and contrasts the experiences. They seem so different: the synthesized audio-visual world in front of me compared to the organic world of this morning, with its sights, sounds and smells, of trees, birds, trickling water, running squirrels and people; the morning splinters of sunlight playing on spider-webs and the occasional falling of rose petals as I did my little chi dance in a gentle trance. I am reminded of something that happened about ten years ago.

Having gotten the Golden Gate bus from San Francisco to Tam Junction I stood on Shoreline Hwy in the warm midday sun hitching a ride to Green Gulch Farm (http://www.sfzc.org/ggf) where I was living at the time. The two women who stopped, Jessie & Coco, told me they’d been to a party on Muir Beach near Green Gulch a week or so ago, and one of them, Coco, had fallen asleep on the beach, to awake at dawn to the sound of crashing waves…she said ‘it was just like listening to a tape, only real’. I smiled at the juxtaposition….up to now I had thought of tapes as mimicking ‘reality’, but here the tape was more ‘real’ and the morning beach reminding Coco of the tape. They turned off the highway and drove down into Green Gulch to get a better look of the temple they had up to now only seen in passing from above.

Which ‘reality’ do we live in most, which do we prefer? My feeling is that we can experience peace in either or both, but for me there is a much deeper sense of completeness and at-one-ness (atonement?) in the ‘organic’ type, perhaps because we belong more fully to it. Maybe this difference will be attenuated over time, maybe even reversed.


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It is wonderful to hear wisdom where you don’t expect it. One example is the Broadway musical Avenue Q. For those who have not seen the show, Avenue Q uses actors with puppets to tell the story of a group of people living in a, well let’s just say, inexpensive part of New York.

The show deals with regular life subjects such as homelessness, despare, heartbreak, desire, and disappointment. If you don’t want me to spoil the end, stop reading now.

But, at the end of this wonderful production is a number simply named “For Now”. For now is a very simple song about how everything changes, and however you feel, or whatever situation you are in good or bad is temporary, so there is no reason to hold on to it to tightly.

It occurred to me recently that a lot of the fighting in the world could be attached to a resistance to change. People worried about the ‘evil’ people taking resources away from ‘us’. Maybe if we can spread the ‘for now’ wisdom, there would be less pain and suffering in the world.

“For Now” with a cartoon video

Before you think from my description the show is a downer. Here is a wonderful performance at the Tony Awards of “It sucks to be me”.


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This is one of my favorite quotes. This is an example of something the Dalai Lama has called wise selfishness.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.

— His Holiness the 14th the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso

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